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12 – I Believe I Can Die

I Believe I Can Die In episode 12, Anna finds it hard to process good news about her retirement and an invitational FKJ rant from a seasoned listener rocks...


11 – A Dollar Is All I Need

A Dollar Is All I Need In episode 11, Laura and Anna doth not take heed of their own advice and both their cards decline during the week. Anna...


10 – If I Was A Rich Girl

If I Was A Rich Girl Anna walks the walk cat walking and likens her current situation to a beautiful, melancholic analogy involving ropes and lifeboats and drowning. Laura...


9 – Got 99 Problems But Rich Aint One

Got 99 Problems But Rich Ain’t One TRIGGER WARNING FOR SENSITIVE CONTENT. Laura and Anna reminisce on poor sad people things aka toblerone dinners and rich happy people things...


8 – Spend The Pain Away

Spend The Pain Away In the second episode on pretty mental money problems, Laura and Anna begin with their usual killjoy rant, this time on Ninja Turtles being named...


7 – Let’s Talk About Money

Let’s Talk About Money In the first episode of season 2, Laura returns from a holiday, Anna from a breakdown of sorts and Fort Dynamite has had a makeover....


Listener Feedback Vol. 1

Listener Feedback Vol. 1 Bonus Episode! Some of our listeners have told us some nice things that we wanted to share before we launch into Season 2: Pretty Mental...


6 – Would You Like Cries With That?

In the final episode of season 1, Laura is haunted by Tim Tam dreams and Anna is feeling 80% normal although it didn’t stop her from nailing a mystery...

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