15 – A Story of Consent

A Story of Consent

In episode 15, Laura and Anna discuss the miraculous cells of Henrietta Lacks and the consent issues that surround immortalising ones cervical cells in science and using them for scientific discovery that in turned saved many lives. COMPLICATED! We are all over the positive vibes with a side of cervical cancer and some A+ humaning. Anna learns that animorphs are not a fiction in the petri dish and reminds us all to be bothered to do things for yo’self!

14 – The Cat Lady

The Cat Lady

In episode 14, Laura and Anna discuss the mutually beneficial relationship between women and cats and how the catholic church effectively caused the plague. Historical reports of cat massacres demonstrate the intense cat conspiracy that has since tainted the independent woman as a crazy cat lady. In unpacking catwoman we also discover that for once, the internet seems to have fixed a stereotype with the viral advent of cat memes.

13 – Where Have All The Glass Children Gone?

Where Have All The Glass Children Gone?

In episode 13, Laura and Anna embark on a new journey to tell untold tales of resilience. During a chat with Laura’s mum, they learn some of ways in which family life can be different and the impact that had on Maree’s willingness to do things like drive herself home from hospital with one hand. They decide that there really is no handbook for life and that bringing babies into the world is a really damn hard job. Go mums!

12 – I Believe I Can Die

I Believe I Can Die

In episode 12, Anna finds it hard to process good news about her retirement and an invitational FKJ rant from a seasoned listener rocks her mismatched socks off. Laura’s Dad makes his podcast debut and provides meaningful and practical insight into why it’s important to write a will. With helpful reminders to get yourself a sea gull, make yourself a quill, write a rich fancy person will and DON’T SET THE TURTLES ON FIRE, you too will be excited to plan your Viking glitter sled into space burial. Whether you want to be whole or ashes, just let someone know, mmkay!

11 – A Dollar Is All I Need

A Dollar Is All I Need

In episode 11, Laura and Anna doth not take heed of their own advice and both their cards decline during the week. Anna is rich on Wednesday, poor on Thursday and hopes that she shall never run out of toilet paper again. She reminds us not to go hard and fast if you can’t sustain it, wisdom on many levels, and Laura demands that you make your money date and create new dreams out of old dreams that are better dreams. The biggest rant on pockets of all time reminds us of the saddest indictment of modern fashion and Anna says OWN YOUR SHOWER ROUTINE.

10 – If I Was A Rich Girl

If I Was A Rich Girl

Anna walks the walk cat walking and likens her current situation to a beautiful, melancholic analogy involving ropes and lifeboats and drowning. Laura and Anna face retirement with fixed feelings of excitement and dread, because although retirement is gobbledygook and saving is other peoples business, they still want you to build your life raft and be your future you!

9 – Got 99 Problems But Rich Aint One

Got 99 Problems But Rich Ain’t One

TRIGGER WARNING FOR SENSITIVE CONTENT. Laura and Anna reminisce on poor sad people things aka toblerone dinners and rich happy people things aka chest freezers. Getting hit with the hard truth about credit cards and having personal revelations in real-time, this one’s a humdinger! Anna demands that you take your shoulder pads and go be successful at life, reminding us that IT’S NOT LINEAR, LAURA. GOSH.