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The Squashed Snail That Lost It’s Shell

Anxiety tells us a different story about the world around us and it makes everything feel scary and unsafe. A bird is as loud as a truck and the traffic lights are as bright as the sun. It’s daunting and exhausting and it feels like there is no space to escape.  Anxiety can hit you...

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This Is My Story, I Need You To Hear It

This is not a pretty story with tidy ends and new beginnings. It is not a comforting story and it might not make your feel very good. But it is my story, and I need to tell my story to let my story go. Hannah Gadsby said, “There is nothing stronger than a broken women...

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A terminal trip around the sun

The last six months of my life, like always, has been pockmarked by many things. But it seems most significantly that the last six months of my life has been powerfully defined by the death of three people. Three pins pulled out of the map of my life, leaving behind little black holes, swirling precariously...

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