About the Ladies of Dynamite

Let's face it, we are pretty mental

But we think we are pretty awesome too. 

So who are we?

We’re Laura and Anna, the Loudwomen in charge of Lady DynamiteWe are 80% normal and 20% badass bitches from hell; a fantabulous concoction of bizarre wisdom, irrational fears, passionate insight, malfunctioning anxiety, feminist rage and occasional positive vibes.

Our holographic hearts are full of love and vengeance.

Our vision is to tell the untold tales of resilience from the then and now. With stories of ‘then’, starring historic women you should know, and conversations with extraordinaries of ‘now’, we will take you on an unladylike ride of feels and laughs right to the heart of human resilience.

Each week Anna will unearth a most excellent women from the shadows of history to share their unusually wonderful legacy and tell their tale of resilience from the then. Laura will also interview an extraordinaire of the present, to speak with them about the battles they’ve fought and what resilience means to them in the now. Collectively, Lady Dynamite is here to blow up stereotypes, insecurities, fear and shame, as well as that little inner critic that is holding us back. Seriously, that guy is a f*cking jerk.

With occasional input from Laura’s mum, we’re creating the inspiration in our Fort of feels to take our shoulder pads, take up space and go be successful at life. So put your big girl pants on and join us in this mascarade of naked toilet wisdom and eunuch cats. No more pretending to be muggles, we’re all bat shit crazy here. So go live your best life with a little fire and earth from Lady Dynamite. 

And where did we come from?

Geographically: from small, seemingly unglamorous yet brilliantly magical places of the world, including New Zealand and Tasmania. Realistically: our mothers, and we are doomed to become them. Figuratively: wiggling from the grasp of the patriarchy, bound on a mission to RainbowLand, yeilding nerf guns loaded with Ru Paul’s glitter and depression glass of the 1920s, aimed and ready to fire at anyone that gets in our way. Except you, dear reader, please listen to our podcast.

What makes us really special is that we are not special at all. We have average jobs, we’re young and we’re not financially backed in any sense of the word. Nor are we connected to the entertainment industry in any way, shape or form due to our immense anxiety and misguided upbringings. We simply had an idea to make a podcast and reach other people like us to say hey! You’re not alone wonderful human! and along from the complete and utter conviction that comes with a lifetime of oppressed feminist rage, we huffed and puffed and blew our own fears down. We created something that takes up space in this world. We yelled and shouted and cried until someone really heard us.

It looks like that someone was you. 

High Five.

But like, what do we want?

Like you, we’re here for the feels and laughs. We are absolutely obsessed with human trauma and resiliece

We’d really love you to check out our podcast, have a listen, let us know your thoughts. Tells us what inspires you, what infuriates you. Tell us why you understand. Be part of our space, our presence, that we have demanded back. Be loud, angry and troublesome. Be unladylike. Be a part of history. Tell your untold story. Live your resilience. 

That’s what we want.

And if you really love what we do, tell your friends to join too, and consider becoming a patron to support our work.

Love what we do?

We are an independent podcast with no financial backing. If you love what we do, you can become a Patron of our show.

Along with a shout out in our episodes, you’ll also get access to show notes, bloopers, beautiful hand-designed cards & stickers and more! 

And the best gift of all, our eternal and undying love and gratitude!

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